SNAP EBT Fraud Alert


July 6, 2023

Community Outreach Center, as the go-to for all communal issues, has seen an alarming increase in recent weeks in SNAP fraud cases.

“People have lost thousands of dollars which they desperately need to cover the basic costs of food,” says COC’s Executive Director Rabbi Hersh Horowitz. “We urge everyone to be a step ahead and change their PIN frequently.”

Fraudsters are exploiting the ignorance of cardholders who are not aware of simple measures they can take to protect themselves from these scams, and are robbing families of their food stamp benefits by hacking their accounts and making use of all available funds.

The Rockland County Department of Social Services, working in collaboration with COC to spread awareness about this issue, recommends that, as a precaution, cardholders check their available balance frequently and update their PIN by calling 1-888-328-6399. Additionally, in the event of seemingly suspicious account activity, cardholders should immediately notify the police and their local DSS.