Growing with My Children Parenting Workshop


The Community Education Center, a division of the Community Outreach Center, was again delighted to host a 3-week parenting workshop series presented to 65 parents by a worldwide lecturer and noted high school teacher, Mrs. Yael Kaisman.

This workshop delved into the thought processes that create a positive mindset, promoting personal self-worth and cultivating feelings of success. Via exploring the dichotomies between parent and child, parents learned how to accept and develop an appreciation for their child’s innate nature and gained considerable clarity on the parents’ bona fide role in child-rearing.

“I found the knowledge of how my character traits and mindset impact my children eye-opening,” said Mrs. H., a class attendee.

The feedback from other workshop participants was likewise enthusiastically positive, and the COC is committed to continuing with its mission – empowering parents to foster a nurturing home environment, which is key to a child’s ultimate success.