Educational Services

WWho We Are

Community Educational Center, an independent sub-division of COC, is a premier provider of supplementary and remedial educational services for students grades pre-K-12 attending private and parochial schools in Rockland and Orange Counties. CEC is contracted with school districts to provide a full spectrum of educational services. Our highly qualified and experienced team of educators and therapists services schools throughout the region. They have garnered an admirable track record of measurable outcomes, enabling thousands of students to improve and maximize their scholastic performance, emotional health and social abilities. Currently, CEC provides services to more than 80 schools.

EEducational Services

Most of CEC’s educational services are geared towards students facing challenges both in and out of the classroom. The supplementary support they receive empowers students to mainstream successfully and gradually perform independently. We offer a broad range of services to ideally suit students’ specific needs, including one-on-one tutoring, remedial group instruction, after-school programs, Sunday programs, socio-emotional counseling and therapy, one-to-one mentoring, Big Brother/Sister programs and supportive classroom services.

Many students can benefit from additional stimulation, scholastic challenge or enhanced arts-based programming. CEC offers academic enrichment programs, giving students a more advanced level of physical education, gymnastics, art instruction and music.

For students who are less fluent in English, CEC also offers English as a Second Language (ESL) programming, imparting them with the language skills that will enable them to navigate the world around them successfully.

SStaff Education/Support

CEC offers a variety of training and coaching programs for the school’s teaching staff. The programs include group workshops as well as one-on-one training, and address issues such as effective educational methods, maintaining classroom decorum, positive motivational techniques, dealing with the challenged student in a classroom setting and other relevant issues.

PParental Involvement

In recognition of the pivotal educational role played by parents, CEC exerts considerable effort to engage parents, encourage their involvement and offer guidance for successful parenting. CEC publishes and disseminates an acclaimed quarterly 20-page newsletter that includes informative articles, news, spotlights and cutting-edge educational trends. Additionally, CEC hosts periodic workshops to address common issues faced by parents and educators.
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