COC Raises Awareness of Recent Surge in Water Shutoffs


May 15, 2024

The Community Outreach Center has received dozens of complaints from local residents regarding the abrupt termination of their water services due to non-payment.

Veolia, the water company servicing Rockland County has not terminated service since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, so the sudden round of terminations caught residents by surprise.

The COC immediately posted a public notice and placed ads in local publications to notify residents of Veolia’s change in policy and to urge residents who have received termination notices not to ignore the warning. The COC directed those who reached out for assistance in response to the published ads to contact Veolia and set up a payment plan for gradual payments to address their outstanding balances.

Chaim G., a father of five, shared his experience: “Setting up the payment plan saved us from being terminated. I ensure to make these smaller, manageable payments on time and am gradually paying down my large balance.”

As always, the COC remains dedicated to serving the community and addressing emergent issues to ensure the well-being of all residents.