COC Presents Responsibility-Centered Discipline Workshop for Educators


May 17, 2023

Community Education Center was proud to host a powerful workshop given by Mr. Larry Thompson, M.Ed, a national conference presenter and author of “Roadmap to Responsibility” and “Give ’em Five.” Mr. Thompson has guided thousands of educators and students across the country on a model of discipline that involves self-responsibility, showing accountability, and making empowering choices.

Participants learned to identify and address issues affecting students’ academic and behavioral progress in this very well-attended workshop. Up-to-date insights and strategies provided invaluable tools for teachers looking for a better way to reach and help behaviorally challenged students.
The response was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

“The workshop helped me realize that children can come up with their own creative solutions to their problematic behaviors,” says Mrs. Rechel Ganz, Principal of UTA girls’ school. “I Ieft with a newfound approach to managing student behaviors.”

The other participants likewise lauded the workshop for its practical approach and easy implementation in the classroom.

The CEC is grateful for the opportunity to once again play a vital role in shaping a better future for thousands of students.