COC Partners with Veolia to Promote Water Conservation in Rockland


January 1, 2024

The Community Outreach Center is thrilled to once again partner with Veolia for another year of promoting environmental sustainability in the Monsey Community.

Veolia, a leading provider of water services and a passionate advocate of water conservation, has partnered with the COC to notify local residents of available rebates with the purchase of water-efficient products, such as Energy Star Certified washing machines, or EPA WaterSense showerheads, toilets and irrigation controllers.

Veolia provided $15,000 to subsidize the program costs, including promoting water conservation and advertising available rebate options. At the same time, the COC’s knowledgeable caseworker will assist consumers in completing their water rebate applications, ensuring that the process is smooth and hassle-free. “We are excited to bring this program to our community,” Says Rabbi Hersh Horowitz, executive Director of Community Outreach Center. “Adopting sustainable water practices is important and will save consumers hundreds of dollars.”