COC Partners with Fidelis to Provide Food Security to the Disadvantaged


December 15, 2022

The Community Outreach Center is thrilled to partner with Fideliscare, who, sharing its passion for assisting the disadvantaged, sponsored a new COC caseworker designated for food aid. This caseworker identified available resources, such as those offered by SNAP, WIC, local food banks, and food pantries, to provide food security services to 1,337 needy families to date in 2022.

“Creating a single address for food aid was imperative this year more than ever,” said Rabbi Horowitz, Executive Director of the Community Outreach Center. “Inflation has triggered a steep rise in food costs, which severely exacerbated the plight of the economically underprivileged.”

Food security is one of the primary social determinants of health, and the COC is proud to take on this unaddressed market niche.