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The Community Outreach Center is Rockland County’s central hub for assistance with virtually all matters relating to government programs, utilities, housing, healthcare coverage, passports, documentation and municipal interactions.
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For most people, navigating the complex systems that administer the essentials of day-to-day life can be overwhelming. COC was founded in 1997 as a small-scale altruistic endeavor to help community members by addressing this need. Its humble beginnings notwithstanding, the organization has since metamorphosed into a professional and highly skilled resource center that has earned the respect and appreciation of government officials, lay leaders and thousands of community members.
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An organization’s success and effectiveness are directly dependent on the quality of its operational staff. Our knowledgeable and experienced team members are thoroughly familiar and experienced with the intricate details of government programs, health and social services, community organizations and many other resources. Over the years they have interacted on a daily basis with government agencies, utility companies and other social service departments, earning their confidence and respect while forging excellent working relationships. COC staff members are carefully selected not only for their technical skills but also for their qualities of empathy and compassion. They treat each client with courtesy, dignity and genuine concern.

Assistance and Supportive Services


COC provides thorough and knowledgeable guidance and advice for accessing available benefits or public assistance.


We identify the most suitable resources and help clients connect with them to resolve their specific challenge.


COC offers hands-on assistance with completing applications, forms and necessary documentation.


COC serves as a liaison to help represent the client’s interests, expediting processes and avoiding unnecessary aggravation such as utility shut-offs.

Case Management

In cases where a serious issue threatens a family’s or individual’s stability or well-being, COC intervenes with case management, connecting the dots and avoiding potential crises.

Health & Safety

COC promotes initiatives to ensure community health and safety including the distribution of bicycle helmets and car seats, as well as safety awareness information.



Rabbi Hersh Horowitz

Executive Director

Mrs. Etty Blicksilber

Supervisor of Human Services

Mrs. Miriam Mannes, M. Ed.

Supervisor of Education Services

Mrs. Devorah Beller, LCSW-R

Supervisor of School Social Work Program

Mrs. Chavy Lefkowitz

Administrative Director